Livia at 8 Months

Processed with VSCO with s5 preset
Processed with VSCO with s5 preset


  • Weight: I’m guessing 21 pounds
  • Length: 28 inches, maybe?
  • Clothing Size: 6-9 and 9-12
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Teeth: 2


  • Saying Mama, Dada, Baba
  • Pulled up to sitting on her own
  • Pulled up to standing on her own
  • Rolled off the bed
  • Crawling (kind of)


  • Eggs, broccoli, green beans
  • Peep-eye
  • Duke (okay, all dogs in general)
  • Playing ‘parachute’ with blankets
  • Tags and straps


  • Going to sleep.
  • Mommy walking out of the room.
  • Sleeping in the pack and play.


  • She’s getting breast milk at least eight times a day (most days its more than that).  She has successfully (unsuccessfully?) reverse cycled and now eats more at night than she does in the day.  Room sharing has been a life saver.
  • I finally realized that she doesn’t like purees.  She never seemed interested in any of the baby food I made her, but once I started giving her little pieces of real food she started to enjoy eating.  She loved green beans, eggs and broccoli from the get go.  It’s funny watching her chew, she chews and chews and chews for a solid five minutes every time she puts something in her mouth.  She wasn’t chewing at all a month ago, so it’s a pretty big deal to me.


  • She’s going through an eat all night/sleep (almost) all night cycle right now.  It’s both exhausting and amazing.  Just about the time I think I can’t handle another night of very broken sleep she sleeps through most of the night.  I think she knows just how much I can handle.
  • She still hates bed time.  Getting her to sleep is a struggle at least three nights a week.  But we are working on it.


  • Livia LOVES tags.  The tag on her Boppy, the tag on her gym, the tag on her stuffed animals – doesn’t matter, she wants it.
  • She’s definitely an only child right now, she is content to play by herself for good stretches of time – as long as I am in the room.
  • She is really using her newfound mobility.  Earlier this week she was playing her room while I was cooking and I was peeking in every two minutes or so and she was nearly under her crib at one point, just contently playing away.


  • She has never been sick. Ever (knock on wood).  She’s never even really had a diaper rash.  I’m so thankful that she is so healthy.


  • It’s really starting to hit me that she’s much closer to being a toddler than a baby.  It amazes me how much she looks like a little girl now instead of a baby.  I’m definitely dealing with a ton of emotions with that one – I’m so excited to watch her grow and gain independence, but at the same time it makes me sad.
  • I’ve been really trying to work on re-prioritizing my life.  It’s hard to do everything and be everything that I feel like I should.  Having a balanced life is much more difficult than I thought it would be.

Recent Google Searches

  • red spots on face after eating eggs baby
  • elderberry
  • kayaking with baby
  • Ju Ju Be
  • milk blister


Looking forward to…

  • Livia really crawling
  • Livia starting to walk
  • Livia eating more table foods
  • The end of pumping (only four months left!)
  • Cooler weather, summertime in Southwest Louisiana is no joke




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